Makeup Tips for High Cheekbones

Makeup Tips for High Cheekbones

Makeup Tips for High CheekbonesEnhancing the cheekbones andd bringing out a definitive edge in your face cut is best done by putting an emphsis on cheekbones with makeup.

Recently, we can see the craze for high cheekbones makeup in top models on fashion runways, Hollywood actresses and many other celebrities. You brushes, contouring tools, color palette etc all matter a lot in creating the perfetc lok for your face by enhancing the cheekbones.

  • The Base!

When you are planning to do a makeup to get high cheekbones enhanced, make sure that you use primer as a base coat. A primer makes your skin get ready for the makeup and it smoothes out any flows and roughness that your skin might have.

  • Colors and Beginnings!

A neutral palate of colors of the makeup of cheekbones is always ideal for all occasions. Start off the makeup right below the middle of your cheekbones with a darker color, preferable the shades of brown and work up towards your ear. Then smile a bit to make your apples pop out use a subtle shade of pink to brush your apples. Once you are through with both of these, start blending both the shades along the cheekbones so that it can have an enhanced look. Work upwards in order to create a dramatic effect of high cheekbones.

  • Brushes Matter!

Your right choice of brushes matter a lot and it is going to facilitate you a lot in the makeup for high cheekbones. Choose a medium round brush for applying the brown shade under the middle of the cheekbones and go for a slight smaller round brush for the apples. For contouring, use a slightly rectangular brush so that it can carve out the appeal to your high cheekbones. But make sure that you move the other two brushes in a circular motion when you start blending the shades chosen from your makeup palette.

  • Completing the Look!

Once you are done with the contouring and defining of your cheekbones, the next step is to add a glamorous effect to it by using a shimmer or a bronzer. This is the ultimate makeup tool for creating high and dramatic cheekbones and you will love the effect that it gives to your entire face instantly.

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