Top Home Spa Makeovers

Top Home Spa Makeovers

Home Spa MakeoversBoth looks and money is deer to people and if you are stuck between not spending money but want your skin to be pampered then it’s time to look out for some home spa makeovers. There are numerous home spa makeovers which can give you same result as you may get after paying a fortune in public spa.

We love our skin to be pampered and that’s the reason we often head to expensive treatments at Spa. Treating the achy muscles or stressed out skin is something about which most people are concerned. In case you are running out of budget or simply don’t want to spend on pricey spa makeovers but yet ,want your skin to look as good as anyone’s else then you have arrived at right place. We have a list of top home spa makeovers which will not only save you money but also help you whip up a frenzy of a fabulous home spa makeovers.

1)    Use chocolate for Facial Mask:

Beauty about home spa makeovers is that most of ingredients used in them are natural and available in almost every household. Ever rising pollution and skin’s exposure to unfavorable conditions often demands facial mask to revitalize the freshness and smoothness of your skin. In this home spa makeover, you only require cocoa, heavy cream, cottage cheese and honey. Give a good stir to ingredients and apply it on your face. Let the paste on your face for ten minutes and then rinse your face with warm water. The next thing you will feel and see will be a silky smooth and soft skin. Not a bad home spa makeover for smelling romantic and deliciously edible.

2)    Use apples to polish your skin:

  Have an apple every day that is what doctor recommends but our next home spa makeover suggest you to use on your face to cure rough skin. Apples are highly nutrient and rich in potassium along with Vitamins A and C. Apples can be very beneficial to skin as it contains malic acid, which is very useful in removing dead skin cells and surface dirt. Ingredients of this home spa makeover are granulated sugar, cinnamon and apple sauce. Mix all ingredients well and apply it on part of your skin which is rough. To get most of this home spa makeover use scrub in a circular motion while applying the mixture on your skin.

3)    Treatment for your hair:

Hair is as important as any other feature of body. Women have an emotional attachment with their hair. This attachment often drive them to always look for a good home spa makeover, which could give their hair a smooth, silky and soft look. This spa makeover needs avocado. Peel the avocado and cut it in chunks and mix it with heavy cream and honey. Use a blender to blend the ingredients. Before you apply the mixture, wash your hair and apply the mixture with the help of comb. In last wrap your head in a plastic for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair properly and now it’s time to see the magic of this home spa makeover.

4)    Papaya for your skin:

Papaya is often used for betterment of digestive system but what most of us don’t know is, Papaya is very good for our skin too. In this home spa makeover a pot of water is boiled and one half of papaya is added into this pot of water. Crush other half of papaya to the extent that you get its paste. Once water is boiled, cover your face and pot of boiled water with towel and take its steam and in meanwhile apply face mask of papaya on your face. Let the papaya face be on your skin for five to ten minutes. Now was your face and see for yourself the wonders this home spa makeover has done to your skin

5)    Home Spa shower:

When it comes to home spa makeovers, nothing is easier then use of steam. This spa makeover is not only very easy but amount of relaxation and benefits it gives are simply incomparable. Put few drops of essential oil onto spare wash cloth to increase the benefits of this home spa makeover. Turn the tap of hot water on until shower is filled with steam.

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