How to Do Facial Spa Treatments at Home

How to Do Facial Spa Treatments at Home

Facial Spa Treatments at HomeIt is very important to look good or it’s a basic pre requisite of a shining personality. Home spa treatments are very good when you use traditional home spa techniques by using home spa equipments. Similarly in India herbal home spa is very famous and very good for renewing freshness after when you are extremely tired by a hectic weekend or summer holidays. What you will be needed by:-

Clean You Areas:-

First of all clean two areas of your home completely for home spa.

  • Your fresh room
  • Your bed room

Clear out Hurdles:-

Clear out anything that can be a hurdle between your home spa treatments or can disturb your home spa equipments or can disturb you at your relaxing time.

Home Spa Equipments:-

In your home spa treatment you would be needed by following home spa equipments

  • Normal water
  • Ice-Cubes
  • Ice-water
  • Lemon pieces
  • Cucumber pieces

Switch Off:-

Please Power off your Computer, Television, Music Station, Radio or any other thing that can divert your concentration during your home spa.


  • Cleansing:-

Perform cleansing action, use regular cleansing lotion or old soap can do it. Its great when you do it yourself in herbal home spa or regular home spa.

  • Hydrating:-

In the next step of home spa do a 10 minutes massage using milk cream, and people with acne and oily skin avoid this step.

  • Steam

Take steaming with boiling water over your face, just for 2-3 minutes and it will open out your pores.

  • Scrub

In your home spa make your own home made scrub that will be good edition in your home spa equipments. Take breakfast oats and mix it well with regular milk. Rub it over your face and avoid under area eyes as it would be a little harmful.

  • Face Pack

Enhance your home spa equipments and make your own home spa face pack. Take a gram flour and tea spoon of honey, ground turmeric and 10 ml of milk mix it well and apply it on dry skin.

If home spa is performing on oily skin skip milk and add rose water.

  • Fresh Cup of Tea:-

After taking home spa, it’s a part of home spa equipment Green tea is very good from the perspective of health but ofcourse black tea also can do well here. Avoid Sugar instead use black paper on green tea, ginger on black tea and lemon on both. This will add a magic in your home spa treatment weather herbal home spa or regular home spa.

  • Normal Workout:-

After taking home spa hit the gym or near home exercise room for around 40-50 minutes. This will add energy in your body and boost up your blood circulation.

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