This Festive Season Try the Sunsilk DIY Hairstyles

This Festive Season Try the Sunsilk DIY Hairstyles

simple diy hairstyleIt’s that time of the year when there is a magical celebratory feeling in the air. Be it attending a wedding, a Christmas or New Year’s party or the various music festivals that you like to groove to, it’s not enough to be dressed up in your best festive attire its equally important to top it up with quirky yet trendy makeup and hair styles. A confident girl is a sight to behold especially if the hair is just right and to help you achieve that, Sunsilk with Teddy Charles has co-created the lusciously Thick & Long shampoo and conditioner enriched with Keratin Yoghurt Complex which provides your hair with essential nutrients to give you long-lasting volume.
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So what are you waiting for? Check out the super easy and super fun hairstyles that we have here for you and be the cynosure of all eyes at that awesome party.

Here are some quick and easy DIY Hairstyles:

A Double French Twist:

hairstyles for mature women

Double French Twist is easy to do. All you need are some hair pins, a hairbrush or comb and you’re ready to start. Part your hair in the center with the comb, right till the back of your head. Make two separate sections in the front and two sections in the back. Pin up the sections after you brush them.

  1. Now take one of the two sections of hair from the back. Twist it tightly around, holding it straight towards the ceiling. Make sure it is really tight. Take the remaining hair and tuck it behind the roll. Use 3–4 hair pins to secure the roll.
  2. Repeat with the other section of hair, making sure the two rolls meet in the middle.
  3. Backcomb the top section of your hair. Start rolling your hair around two fingers. Once you have completely rolled the hair, pin it in place and gently remove your fingers. Be sure not to pull the hair from the center of the roll!
  4. A Double French Twist up do is great for any occasion. But remember, it only works if you’ve got really thick, healthy, voluminous hair that adds to the bun. So make sure you are using Sunsilk Thick and Long shampoo and conditioner, which gives you gorgeous hair that’s two times thicker.

The Waterfall Twist:

long hair hairstyles

Versions of the waterfall braid are in vogue and they’re gorgeous! You should definitely try out this bohemian but intricate style that works as beautifully with festive attire.

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  1. Take a small section of hair close to your temple and split it in half; twist the bottom half over the top half.
  2. Drop the top half and pick up a new piece in its place. Repeat the last two steps by twisting the new bottom piece over the top piece and so on.
  3. Once you reach the middle of the back of your hair, clip the end of the twist.
  4. Repeat technique on the opposite side, making sure to use a section of hair that’s even with the first side.
  5. Once both sides are complete, combine them with a clear elastic and disguise the elastic by wrapping it with a strand of hair.

French It Up:

latest hair cut for women

The best season to experiment with different hairstyles that will keep the hair off your neck and back and looking stylish too! We bring to you the steps on how to get that perfect French braid, which can be worn many different ways – in a bun, sideways or even as it is! So, we suggest, French it up this festive season and romance a new look!

  1. Start by taking a section of hair from the top. Separate this section into 3 strands crossing right over middle and then left over middle, just as you would for a basic braid.
  2. Switch all of the strands over to your left hand and keep strands separated.
  3. Now take a small even section from the right side and add it to the right strand.
  4. Bring the strand you have just added to, over to the middle and bring the middle strand to the right. Now follow the same with the left side.
  5. Bring the left strand over to the middle and bring the middle section to the left.
  6. Repeat this on alternate sides until there is no hair left to add.
  7. As you follow these steps, try to keep your hands close to the head so the braid will be tight.
  8. Finish the style with a basic Braid and fasten it.

Fly High With The Flyaway Side Braid:

new hairstyle for teen

There are times when even the best styling tools can’t do what a little trickery can do to your hair. So when you’re having a bad hair day don’t try and take your unruly flyaways instead incorporate a style that will make it look good. Read the flyaway side braid. It’s simple enough to do, and can instantly transform your hair into a stylish look. And its one hairstyle that every girl should have as a safe keep for those festive days when styling your hair right just seems impossible.

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  1. Start by choosing which braid will look best with your hair. You can go for the simple version or try the more intricate styles like the reverse braid or the fish tail braid. The key is to make it loose and messy.
  2. Sweep your hair to one side and apply a little dry shampoo for a softer look.
  3. Then gently tease the top portion of your hair and start braiding your hair to one side.
  4. Once the braid is secure you can tease a few strands loose around your temples and forehead to complete the look

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