The Best and Worst Products for Natural Hair

The Best and Worst Products for Natural Hair

Best Worst Products for Natural Hair50 % of the people focus on hair at the first impression while others notice our other things. As our other body parts hair also need special importance.

They need that care that we give to other body parts. Finding the product that best suits your hair type can be a harrowing experience. Most people either keep trying new hair products until their scalp become totally bald which is really because of lack of experience.

In summer, our hair becomes a victim of dry air, humidity, hot water all which can lead to pool-hair, fried scalps and frizzy, dried out hair making hair damage. There are many hair products in the market which can be used to protect our hair and some may also damage your hair because they simply don’t suit u so while testing every new hair product that hits the market is a serious thing, and my room is overflowing with flat irons, curl creams, spray foams, scalp exfoliators etc things.

Obviously we don't need hundreds of hair products, we just need that suits our hair texture and pull out the essentials from them. Some of the best and worst products as per the customers say are as follows.

  • Hair Oil

Although many people don’t believe to apply hair oil on their scalp but it is because they are unaware of the facts of that hair oil give moisture to your scalp and hair which have become dry and rough du

e to summer and sun rays. Hair oil is also beneficial for those who have dandruff which is also a major problem in hair subject. a good hair oil can keep ends polished and frizz-free, and of course add lots of shine. Some people already have oily hair so they can avoid oiling.

  • Shampoos

Hair shampoos can be both worst and best hair product for different people. You may bring a dandruff free shampoo that work best for your hair but not for your other family members so this is important to note out. The next point to ponder is to stick to one shampoo you are using; changing it every week can ruin your hair.

  • Conditioners

While this may seem like an unnecessary extra step, our experts say it's crucial. Experts say that leave-in conditioner helps you detangle and comb your hair more easily, which saves time. Other says that a leave-in daily helps “keep hair hydrated and acts like a 'primer' before applying styling products. If you are not using the correct conditioner for your hair type so it can be worst for you in the other way.

  • Hair dyes

Using cheap hair dyes can damage your hair in no time. Always use branded hair dyes so as not to loss your hair in spite of coloring them. One of the customers complains about a hair dye that this product definitely did not work for me. I have curly/wavy hair and this product made my curls sticky, limp and just not pretty at all. When I washed this product, my hair felt brittle and dry. There are many famous brands for hair dying like Garnier and many more available easily in markets.


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