Hair Style Tips for Your Face Type

Hair Style Tips for Your Face Type

Women are always interested in making hair to enhance their look according to their face type. Many women get their haircut in such a way to make a different attempt according to their face type. Some prefer to keep their hair long and dead straight which suits their face type, others like to keep long hair to get them curled to make their face type look soft. Some face types like to go for less fuss with their hair and thus like to cut it short with almost mid-length. Women should keep a balance of their femininity and style while making hair keeping in mind the right face type. Young girls keep on experimenting with their hair color, highlights and the length according to their face type.

Unfortunately not every woman can wear and carry off the same hairstyle since we all have different face type.  Therefore, a hairstyle will look good or bad totally depends on the type of your face. Following are a few guidelines for various face type and the hairstyles that they can keep.

  • Oval face type

Oval face type is perfect for all types of hair styles. You can keep your hair short, long, straight or even in curls form since your face type allows you this leverage to enjoy. Just avoid hair style that creates volume on your head and make your face type appear longer.

  • Long face type

For a long or oblong face type, create an illusion of wide face type to balance out its longevity. This width can be added t your face by keeping long hair, side-swept bangs or even a bob till chin length can be good enough for your face type. Do not let your hair grow very long as it will not serve the right purpose.

  • Round face type

People with round face type need to take off that extra width and need to create an illusion of length to your face. You can have an appropriate hair cut that goes below your chin as you can have graduated layers. Never keep blunt cuts for your hair as it will make the face even more round.

  • Square face type

Square face type women have angular jaws. To draw focus away from your jaws we have a few guidelines regarding hairstyle for such face type. This can be carried out by adding a bit of texture to your hair. Short curls and long layers will go with your face type in the suitable way.

  • Heart-shaped face type

A pointed chin can take the focus away from your eyes. You can easily remove that negative by keeping side-swept bangs, fringe or long layers at the top of your head.  This will help in making your hair look good and stylish.

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