Hair How-To: Beautiful French Braid

Hair How-To: Beautiful French Braid

Celebrity Hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello from Mizu Salon in NYC explains how to recreate this bombshell braid in just eight easy steps. Scroll down for the how-to, and then try it out for yourself.

French Braid Hair

1. Give Your Strands Some Texture. Sprinkle a bit of Osis+ Dust It on the roots of your hair all over your head, and with your fingers, lightly rub your scalp to evenly disperse the product.

Part Your Hair and Begin French Braid2. Part Your Hair, and Begin Your French Braid. First, part your hair in a messy deep side part. On the side of your head that now has less hair, grab the section of hair that begins at your part and runs along your hairline and behind your ear. Split that section into three equal parts right behind your ear, and begin your braid. A French braid is just like a normal braid, but every time before you cross each section, incorporate a small piece of Loose Hair into the original section.

Continue Braiding Along Base Your Neck3. Continue Braiding Along the Base of Your Neck and to the Side. As you French braid your hair, angle the braid so it runs along your hairline at the base of your neck and then off to the side of your head that had more hair.

New Hairstyle 20144. Wrap a Small Section of Hair Around the End of the Braid. Once you’ve reached the end of the braid, tie it off with an elastic. Next, grab a small section of hair about the width of your pinky, and wrap it around the end to hide the elastic.

Braid Hair

5. Secure the Wrapped Section. Slide a bobby pin upward and into the braid to secure the small section of hair that’s wrapped around the elastic.

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