Hair Care Tips For Rainy Days

Hair Care Tips For Rainy Days

Hair Care TipsThe rain drops left by the Mother Nature can be troublesome but if you follow thesehair care tips, you won’t face any sort of problem. Following are the haircare tips to be applied in the rainy season.

Hairstyle is a very important piece of the entire look. Bad hair can really make your day worse by ruining your overall look. Seasonal change does not only change your clothes but it also changes the way you make your hair because you should be ready for a hot and a rainy day was well. Not only curly hair girls think of rain as their enemy but also girls who have straight hair.Rain is everyone’s hair first enemy whether you have curly or straight hair.

Rain will turn your curly hair into straight strands and if you have straight hair, rain will turn your hair frizzy and messy. The rain drops left by the Mother Nature can be troublesome but if you follow thesehair care tips, you won’t face any sort of problem. Following are the hair care tips to be applied in the rainy season:    If you have curly hair, then get a haircut. Get your hair cut into layers and do not keep your hair length short. Long layers work best as they do not make your hair look short. If your hair growth is good then you should get your hair trimmed after every six to eight weeks. Rain drops won’t be able to spoil your hair because your layers will look pretty and proper even if you have wet hair.

  •    In rainy season, always apply leave in conditioner after you shampoo your hair if you have curly hair. Conditioner gives a silky look if you have curly hair and rain drops won’t leave them frizzy and dry.
  •    Any product that is moisture for your hair will also attract moisture from rain and humidity so, it is highly recommended that you don’t apply moose or hair spray for hair styling. The chemical can react to humidity in the air and cause scalp infections.
  •  If you have curly hair and want to leave them as it is in rainy season, then don’t forget to apply hard curl gel in your hair before going out.
  •    Avoid complex hair styles in rainy season because such hairstyles look extremely messy when they your hair gets wet. Prefer tying your hair into a pony or a bun in rainy days, it will also prevent hair breakage.
  •     Your hair is most likely to get oily in rainy days because of humidity so, wash your hair everyday because oily hair can result into hair breakage. Shampoo cleans all the oil from your scalp and makes your hair look shiny and your scalp healthy and conditioner on the other hand, retains the moisture in your hair. If you don’t want to apply conditioner in your hair then apply either mayonnaise or yogurt in your hair before washing them.
  •    For hair care in rainy days, get an oil massage after every alternate day for dry hair.Rainy day tend to make your hair oil and with oily hair, comes dandruff. So, if you want to protect your scalp from dandruff then massage your hair with oil to improve your blood circulation to cure dandruff and prevent hair loss which is most likely to occur if you have dandruff. Hair oils that you can apply in rainy season include-almond oil, jojoba, basil, lavender and rosemary.
  •    To prevent dandruff in a rainy day, avoid going out with your hair wet. Dry your hair before going out. Wrap your hair in hot towel after washing your hair to reduce the chances of dandruff.
  •     Apply heat protectant and anti frizz serum when your hair is still wet. This will help to avoid frizz and split ends caused by humidity in the rainy season.

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