Get Healthy Hair With Herbs

Get Healthy Hair With Herbs

herbal hair careYou may have noticed that the excess of shampoo and conditioner damage your hair badly, infect they start lookingrough and unhealthy. The best way to protect your hair from damage is to prefer hair herbal treatment. Various shampoo and conditioners are available in the market that contains herbal additives. Herbs are the natural remedy that you may use at your home to revive your damaged and dry hair. It stimulates the hair growth.

Herbs are Safe for your Hair:

Get hair herbal treatment for the healthy and shiny hair. Apply herb solutions to the hair and ingest them directly to your hair. Herbs are the natural ingredients for the hair treatment that work to give you healthy, dandruff free, strong and shiny hair. Herbs are natural but there is need to test the small o amount of herb on your skin to check whether it is safe for you or not. They can be allergic so it is better to test before treating your hair. After applying the herbs on certain portion, wait for a day or two to ensure safe hair herbal treatment.

Preferable Herbs for your Hair:

Some experts have suggested number of herbs that can use for smooth and strong hair and are effective for hair herbal treatment.

1. Rosemary:

Rosemary helps stimulate hair growth, restore hair luster and fight against dandruff. You can make rosemary water or can also cook it in food. Many people prefer this herb to get hair herbal treatment.

2. Horsetail:

Horsetail herb is one of the great sources of silica as it will strengthen your hair and restore their shine. It is easy to make horsetail shampoo at home, in a simple way you can get healthy hair. You just have to steep 3 tablespoon of horsetail in half-cup hot water. It is better to add this mixture to the baby shampoo and after 2 to 3 minutes wash your hair.

3. Color Enhancing Herbs:

It is simple to enhance your hair by the hair herbal treatment at your home. Numerous herbs can be used to enhance the hair color. You have to choose the herb from the group of natural ingredients mentioned below:

Brown Hair: Cinnamon chips or cloves, elderflower and birch bark are used to get shiny brown hair.

Red Hair: You can use Marigold, red hibiscus, beets and rose petals for the healthy red hair.

Blonde Hair: Marigold, lemon peel, chamomile and mullein flowers help you to keep your blond hair shiny and strong.

Gray Hair: Elderflower, lavender and sage are used to enhance the gray color.

You can simply use these herbs by just adding dried herbs in a cup of boiling water for almost twenty minutes and then rinse your hair with cold water.

4. Other Herbs for the Strong Hair:

Many other herbs are used for hair herbal treatment and that help to prevent hair loss and restore shine. Some herbs are there for the hair herbal treatment that you can use in food, in boiling water or in the normal conditioner or shampoo.

Birch: Fights against itchy scalp and dry hair

Burdock: Increases healthy body and shine, fights dandruff and promotes hair growth

Aloe: Works as natural conditioner, fights frizz and stimulates the hair growth

Mulberries: Helps for treating prematurely gray hair

Sage: Works as a natural coloring agent.

Parsley: Contains vitamin C and iron that help to keep strong and healthy hair

Licorice: It is related with preventing hair loss

Chamomile: Works as a well natural conditioner to lighten blonde hair and also for cosmetic purpose

Marigold: It is a moisturizer that helps to lighten the color and to increase shine

You can apply any one of these hers to get the natural hair herbal treatment effectively.

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