How to Treat an Eye infection at Home

How to Treat an Eye infection at Home

How to Treat Eye infectionEye infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies etc but you may treat eye infection easily with some inexpensive, simple but effective solutions at home. Some common sign and symptoms that your eyes are infected are redness of eye, irritation in eyes, pain, swelling, watery eyes, yellow green discharge, blurring vision, photophobia and itching of eyes continuously. Here are some treatments for Eye Infection you can do at your home.


– With the help of piece of cloth damp into hot water, you can get rid of “sties”. Do foment of that cloth on your puffy eyes. You may also use hot tea bags to treat “stye” by put bag on your eyes for few minutes until it gets dry. This will shrink to half of swollen eye’s size due to tannic acid present in tea bag.

– Another solution is to boil a tsp of coriander seeds in one cup of water and then wash your eyes with it. It is also very good in treating “sties”

– Aloe Vera is having unique healing property and very useful to treat “stye”. Cut an aloe Vera leaf and apply its juicy side on the “stye”.

– You may also use guava leaves if you are suffering from “stye” problem. Kept them in moist warm cloth as these leaves should be warm. This damp cloth will be used to reduce the redness and the swelling.

2- Blepharitis (Itching and Redness):

– Rose water is very essential and effective gift of God to treat eye infections. If you are facing itching or redness in your eyes then use few drops of it in your eyes two to three times daily until your infection gets finish. But be sure that you are having original rose water.

– To reduce redness and itchiness you can also put cold bread over your eyes to soothe them.

– Honey is also natural home remedy to reduce eye infection. You may apply directly in your eyes or mix some warm water with honey and wash your eyes with that mixture.

3-Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis):

– Fill a clean glass with distilled water and add some jasmine flowers in it then cover the glass with lid and leave it over night. Next morning pour that water in a dropper and put few drops of that jasmine water in your effected eye until your eyes get soaked. Repeat this treatment at least three times a day.

– For the treatment of conjunctivitis you can also make warm fomentation by using chamomile, lavender or rose oil.

4-Eye Allergies:

– If your eyes are allergic due to pollen than do not use a window fan which can draw pollen in your house and wear sun glasses when you go out.

– If you are allergic due to dust than use allergy reducing covers for your bed and wash your eyes on and off to take out dust with natural cool water.

– Over the counter you can also anti-allergy eye drops to reduce the symptom.

Moreover avoid swimming in chlorinated water, avoid wearing contact lenses 24 hours especially at night while you are sleeping, avoid sitting in front of laptop or TV for long time, remove make up from eyes when you comes back at home as all above mentioned things can cause eye infection. But if your problem doesn’t solve or you start facing blurriness, double vision, severe pain or other serious eye injuries than you must seek medical attention immediately. Consult your eye doctor to get medical help and better chance to come out of your eye infection.

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