How To Apply Bright Eye Shadow?

How To Apply Bright Eye Shadow?

Believe that beauty comes from within, no matter what the skin type or skin tone is; you can always play with colors, if you know well how to play. Be a creative chic – try styles and shades till you find the look that suits you best.

When they say “beauty lies in the eyes…” they say it right.Beautify your eyes and make the world see you beautiful and seem beautiful at the same time. Bright eye shadow makeup has never been out of fashion, it’s a style statement of the glam world, and a trend for the bold chic. This year brings universal colors, black and white in fashion, contrasted with each other and different hues. Bright eye shadow colors will help you create a perfect look with this trend of the year, unless you know how to use it right.

Girls normally think that bright eye shadow colors are the ones with shimmer, which is not true always; you can use bright colors without shimmer and create a perfect look.Bright eye shadow colors include teal, turquoise, deep blue, emerald green, hot pink, deep red, champagne, dark purple, violet and of course, shimmery gold can never be neglected.

There are many different ways to apply bright eye shadow; here I am discussing one technique, which you can use to create a bold look especially for the night. There are four simple steps:

  •     Firstly, start with applying primer evenly to each eyelid followed by matte base eye shadow applied on the whole eye area. Now pick a bright eye shadowcolor of your choice and apply it evenlyto the entire lid with a medium brush.
  •   Pick a darker shade or complementary eye shadow and apply it in the crease of your eye starting from the outer edge and blend it well. Take care while blending that you don’t take it too high to your brow bone. Now line the bottom lashline of each eye with the same bright eye shadow, applying it halfway from the outer edge.
  •     Now is the time to highlight. Apply the highlighter above the crease, always use lighter shades for highlighting, if you get confused which color to use, in that case white gold shade would be the right choice, it goes with all bright eye shadow colors for highlighting. With bright colors you can also use beige/nude color. Also apply the highlighter well on the inner corner of your eye.
  •     When you have finished applying the shadow, apply the eyeliner starting from the inner edge of your eye. To be more creative, apply winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner with bright eye shadow colors, this would make your eyes more attractive. Also apply a little on the outer corner of the bottom lash-line with a slight stroke of brush. You can also use eyeliner-pencil under bottom eyelash. P.S. do not forget to apply the mascara or you will miss the excitement.

Handy Tips: Bright eye shadow tips given by makeup artists and experts can always help you improve your makeup skills.

  •     One of the most important bright eye shadow tips is that you can always use gold eye shadow with any kind or color of dress. The color itself is so classy and dramatic that you would need no other color to add charisma.
  •     Another important thing out of bright eye shadow tips is that you can apply thick mascara or layered mascara to make your eyes more dramatic.
  •    Applyingeye shadow primer before applying the shade is also one of the important bright eye shadow tips, this will make your shadow last longer and even.
  •     Applying the bright eye shadow colors such as emerald, dark purple or blue with wet brush right on the upper lash-line will make your shade look more like eyeliner.
  •     Bright eye shadowis more fun to wear at night.

You can dazzle the world with your sparkling personality but what’s even better is to complement your unique style with a catchy eye make-up. Make your eyes irresistible with these easy to follow steps, and mesmerize everyone not to take off their eyes as long as you around them. –


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