Home Remedies For Eye Care

Home Remedies For Eye Care

Eye CareIn the hectic lifestyle muscles that do most of the work are not the hands or legs but the eyes. Therefore, knowing a set of home remedies for eyes are essential to make sure that they are functioning efficiently.

Eyes are the most beautiful part of your body that provides us with vision. Without which life would be empty. Most poets and author talk of eyes in their writings defining their appreciation for eyes. Our lifestyles are shaped in such a way these days that includes spending maximum time in front of computers, which leads to eyes being constantly restrained with work. Not only that, but due to the increase pollution in the atmosphere, our eyes suffer the most.

Hence, it is important for us to take care of eyes by doing simple home remedies for eyes. Since going to an ophthalmologist is not only time consuming but also expensive. Therefore, I believe most people should know the fundamental home remedies for eye care.

I have here compiled a list of easy home remedies for eyes that will not only keep them good but also add to the glow.

1.    Potato:

Take a small round piece of potato and place it over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Not only does it decrease dark circles but also keeps your eyes radiant and stress free. This is a quintessential home remedies for eyes.

2.    Cucumber:

The easiest home remedies for eyes are to place a cucumber on top of your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Excellent for Relieving pain and stress rapidly.

3.    Rose petals:

These are the fastest way of curing exhausted eyes. Take about 10 fresh rose petals and soak them in raspberry water. Allow it to stand for a few hours and then wash your eyes with it. It is also one of the efficient home remedies for eyes, especially tired eyes.

4.    Soaked tea bags:

When you have complains of irritation in eyes. Then put over your eyes a soaked tea bag for 11 minutes. This not only relieves the infection but also helps reduce dark circles.One of the home remedies for eyes that always works. Just do not use the same tea bag on both eyes.

5.    Diet:

While working your way through simple home remedies for eyes, diet plays a pivotal role. A diet full of green leafy vegetables with sufficient vitamin A and water intake keeps eyes fresh and healthy. Vitamin C keeps away from cataract. These home remedies for eyes require a change in lifestyle.

6.  Avoidsmoking.

In addition, home remedies for eyes that are easy to do and preventable, is to quit smoking.Since smoking is the root of most health hazards.

7.  MustardOil

To relieve congestion in eyes, an easy home remediesfor eyesincludes massaging mustard oil on palms and soles. It triggers certain points in the brain that immediately relieve congestion.

8.  Almonds

Different home remedies for eyes include submerging almonds in milk overnight. In the morning, mix sandalwood in the milk mixture. Apply this on eyelids cautiously. This will decrease the redness due to physical exertion. These home remedies foreyes are a bit fiendish yet curative.

9.  Sesame seeds

Home remedies for eyes that are watery include inhaling odors of sesame seeds mixed in honey.

10. Blink:

This is the easiest it gets in home remedies for eyes. After sitting in front of computer for hours, just blink 4 to 6 times. It gives a restart signal to the brain and gets eyes back to normal. If not that, then close your eyes for 10 minutes and then focus on some object besides the computer. It is one of the prompt home remedies for eyes.

After reading these home remedies for eyes, you must have realized how easy it is to take care of them. I hope these basic home remedies for eye care help you attain perfect glistening eyes that are ideal.

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