Enhance The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Enhance the Beauty of your EyesMost of the women in India have brown and black eyes. There are certain eye shades that are specifically for such colored eyes. It can be tricky while choosing a perfect combination while doing eye makeup, there are certain eye shadows that work a perfect hue for brown and black eyes. Eye shadows like charcoal look really nice on brown and black eyes, they also work to enhance the color of the eyes. Thick black eye liner also enhances the eyes. Traditional kohl is what looks perfect on Indian women and can also serve as their identity. Kohl is also good for eyes. Other eye shadows for brown and black eyes are gold, mauve, black for smoky eyes and earthy colors.

Another trick to enhance the eyes is to dye your hair of the same color. When the hair color reflects with the eye color the eyes look beautiful. If one has brown eyes and they dye their hair with a shade of the same brown or something close to it the eyes look more prominent. Brown eye pencil for brown eyes also looks great and makes beautiful eyes.

For beautiful eyes eye care is also very important. It is necessary to take care of eyes as they are very sensitive. Especially when eye makeup is on, one should always have an eye makeup remover to remove it before going to sleep. There are some really good eye makeup removers available in the market. Another tip to remove eye makeup is the use of Jhonson’s baby oil. One should always remove eye makeup with a soft cotton ball or a cotton pad.

Follow these tips for beautiful eyes and also enhancing eyes.

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