Enchanting Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year

Enchanting Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year

enchanting eye makeup ideas for new yearEye makeup is the most important when talk of looks in general. Eyes are the first thing we focus when cast a glance at somebody. Eyes are the only facial feature that has got the capability to express, express the mood, express the personality, express the happiness and festivity and thus need to be enhanced to maintain fabulous looks.

Winter eye makeup is easier to apply, and carry as compared to summer eye makeup. For winter eye makeup, you are open to opt any medium such as creamy, powdery, shimmery and even oil based shades. Winter celebrations and festivities ask for going bold this time and impart an entirely new, fabulous and funky touch to your eyes. You have every reason of getting funky and yet formal as you are wearing an eye makeup for New Year! The mega event of the year, the most awaited and the most glamorous!

Following are the newest picks from the latest and hottest ideas of a perfect eye makeup for New year:

  • Maintain Thick Eye Brows

It’s time to give a kiss good bye to the thin, streaky and sharp eye brows. As thick and rough eye brows are “in”. As a preparation of your eye makeup for New Year, you need to start growing your eye brows and try to maintain them at the thickest possibility. No matter if you look like a tom boy, this is the remarkable change seen in the newest fashion tide when talk of winter eye makeup.

  • Give a Black Look to Your Thick Eye Brows

You need to go for a black eye pencil and it’s no harm putting a little black mascara on the eye brows and brushing them later a bit. This will enhance your looks many folds and prepare an appropriate base for your winter eye makeup. Make sure that such bold, thick and rough look won’t look odd as you are wearing it in winter and not summer when you need a light touch because of the mood set by the hot weather.

  • Smoky Eyes Are The Fashion Tide

Make sure that this time the newest trend in the eye makeup for New year is of smoky eyes. The idea of painting smoky eyes is though not new in winter eye makeup trends yet the difference in particular for this year lies in the choice of eye shadows and the shape of eyes. Eye makeup for New Year asks for bright and bold eye shadows along with a smoky touch.

  • Eye Liner Is Still A Must!!

Lines, lines and just lines!!! Winter Eye makeup is incomplete without a thick long line of eye liner. The shape though should not be that of 60es. It has to be modern and glamorous.

  • Orange Gradients Are The Best Fit in Eye Makeup For New year

Bright and fluorescent orange eye shades that impart a blazing look to your eyes are very much “in” for this winter eye makeup trends. Chilling winters need a fiery blaze to enhance your eyes. Along with the orange and pink tones gradient paint for the whole eye lids, there are royal blues, and funky purples also seen as the new winter eye makeup trends.

  • Nude Eye Makeup Is Not Ideal In Eye Makeup For New year

Nude eye makeup though is not out of the fashion trends yet, but still when there is an occasion like New year, You need a formal look. For wearing nude eyes, there would be the whole long year. Eye makeup for New Year need to be full of colors and glamour!

We hope you enjoy looking hot with your winter eye makeup this New year!

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