6 Home Remedies to regrow your Eyebrows

6 Home Remedies to regrow your Eyebrows

Home Remedies to regrow Your EyebrowsLosing eyebrows is not much of a serious medical problem but re-growing them back sometimes causes trouble for people and a lot of people suffer from this trouble in re-growing their eyebrows back in a proper way because sometimes the eyebrows don’t re-grow properly or sometimes it takes longer than the usual for the to re-grow back to their normal state.

The people facing such problems sometimes use some artificial methods and some products to re-grow them back which is not always useful because cosmetics have various chemicals in them which have various kind of side effects. It would be the best option if one uses some natural home remedies and avoid all those products which can prove harmful for us because sometimes these products are the reasons due to which a person loses his eyebrows as sometimes cosmetics products cause allergic reactions.

For those people who are looking for home remedies to re-grow their eyebrows back to normal, here are a few tips which should be used and which have absolutely no side effects at all s these are the things which use on daily basis.

Egg Yolk:

The first home remedy for re-growing your eyebrows back to normal naturally is to use egg yolks. All you have to do is to take an egg and the separate the egg yolk from it. Burn it on a Tava till it turns completely black. Once that happens, take it off and rub it on your eyebrows and leave it overnight.

Castor Oil:

The second natural method to re-grow you eyebrows is using castor oil. Just get some castor oil and rub it each night on your eyebrows. Leave it over night and give it a good wash in the morning. You will have to keep your patience as the re-growth of your eyebrows will take some times.

Kohl and Mustard Oil:

The third home remedy for re-growing your eyebrows which has no side effects at all is using Kohl and mustard oil. The trick is very simple. You just have to mix these two ingredients and rub it on your eyebrows like the other tips mentioned above and leave it overnight.

Almond Oil:

Another option is to use almond oil. Almond oil is easily available in the market. Just apply almond oil once or twice a day and see the effects yourself of natural home remedies.

Coconut Oil:

It is a much known fact that the coconut oil is very good for hair and their growth and it will work the same way for your eyebrows. Just apply some coconut oil to the affected area of your eyebrows and give them some time to re-grow with the help of the coconut oil.

6: Aloe Vera:

Allergic reactions are not the only reason due to which a person loses his/her eyebrows. Sometimes it happens due to over plucking. Over plucking causes your eyebrows to either re-grow very slowly or improperly. For curing this you can use aloe Vera. Just grab some aloe vera leaves and crush them. Gather the sap from those crushed aloe vera leaves and use them to massage the affected areas. After applying the sap just leave it for a while. Aloe vera will help in healing the skin which was damaged by over plucking and thus making the re-growth process of your eyebrows faster and easier.

Last but not the least a little tip which you should keep in mind that if you are using in eye pencil for filling up the missing areas, I would advise you not to use it as it will block the block the pores and will affect the re-growth process of your eyebrows.

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