Top 5 Saree Blouse Designs 2013

Top 5 Saree Blouse Designs 2013

Top 5 Saree Blouse Designs 2013There are many kinds of sarees which are worn in India. Women are crazy about saree in India. The saree blouse design varies accordingly. We have discussed top 5 design of saree. All you need in a good saree is the stitching and the design of the blouse.

Sari is one of the most smart and gorgeous dresses for the woman. In India almost all the women are seen wearing sarees. Sareeis one of the traditional dresses in India and mostly young girl’s loves to wear it on special occasion like weddings.

In Saree, the most important thing which matters a lot is the blouse.  The saree blouse design makes the saree look beautiful. Saree blouse designs are so many in India and every day there is some new design of blouses available in the market.

Women love to wear new kind of Saree blouse design to look different. Saree blouse design, has its own value, the design should be according to the fashion of that time. Here we will talk about the five latest designs of the saree blouses which are mostly seen in India.

1.    Antique Sari Blouse

Antique Sari Blouse

One of the top rated saree blouse designs is the antique one. It gives you an old look. Actually,the work done on the blouse is of Zari.There is a popular saying Old is Gold, Zari work is old but it is again in fashion. In summers 2013, saree blouse design in antique is made up of golden and silver Zari. The thread which is used in it is of silk. The zari sari blouse gives a very rich and antique look. These are not very expensive and this saree blouse design is a new design, so make one of your saree of Zari.

2.    Normal Saree Blous

Normal Saree Blouses

One of the most ratedone Saree blouse designs is that is for everyday. The saree blouse is simple and mostly the fabric is plain or printed but it is stitched in a very simple way. It usually sleeveless and the neck is a U shape or round depends on your own choice.Another thing which is important in Saree blouse design is that the front of the blouse has hooks.

3. Backless Saree

Backless Saree

Another saree blouse design is backless. Almost every girl is seen the backless saree blouse on the weddings.This saree blouse design, gives a modern touch and at the same it looks traditional. In some sort of backless saree there are strings they also look amazing. The saree is simply made up of plain silks and in these types of saree the embellishments is done of the neck area.
This saree blouse design is mostly worn with sleeveless blouse.

4. Puffy shoulder saree

Puffy shoulder saree

Indian women are much found of Saree, where ever they have to go the saree is a perfect dress for them. One of the saree blouse designs is called puffy short armed and it looks very sexy on the young girls.In this type of sare all you need is a simple banarsi fabric. The stitching should be simple with U shape neck and all the emphasis should be on the arms.  Indian actresses are even seen wearing this type of blouse. This is perfect for night parties but you should have slim and smart arms to wear this type of saree.

5. Heavy Saree

Heavy Saree

Another saree blouse design is called Heavy Sarees, they are mostly worn at weddings. In this the blouse is heavily embellished with stones and tilla work. This saree blouse design only looks better if the embellishment is done in a good way.In this saree blouse design the embellishment is done of the neck area, little work is done on the sleeve area and normally it is half sleeves. A motif is made on the back side of the saree to enhance the beauty of the blouse.

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