How to Wear Stylish Yet Sophisticated Dresses

How to Wear Stylish Yet Sophisticated Dresses

How to Wear Stylish Yet Sophisticated DressesYour attire is the first thing that grabs the attention of the people when you walk the door. You are what you wear! The dress, the style, color combination, fitting, each and every thing associated with your dress makes the first impression of yours.

Every woman wishes to look different and sophisticated. Everyone loves to look elegant and stand out the rest. Whether it is a casual dress or a formal one, it is the top most desire of every woman to wear sophisticated dresses and look decent and elegant.

How to dress sophisticatedly is not that difficult. Just by paying attention to a few simple things, you can turn the eyes towards you and make the people ask “what are you wearing?”

  • Know your body type

Don’t bluff yourself of having a model body type when you don’t. If you have a few body flaws; the first step to deal with them is to accept them. Only then you will be able to deal with them. See what body type you have; is it straight, apple, pear or an hourglass. Consult an expert if you need advice in that matter.

  • Know your colors

Asians mostly have a yellow tone in their skin. Colors play a vital role in how to dress sophisticatedly. Choose the colors depending upon your skin tone and the kind of makeup that you use. Avoid wearing very sharp and bold colors. Try using soft, neutral and subtle colors.

  • Cuts and Fabrics

They depend a lot on the body type that you have. Do not follow the trends blindly; instead, try to understand what suits you. There might be a few cuts and styles in fashion that do not suit everyone. For instance, ladies with an average or short height should not wear ankle long shirts. Even the sophisticated designer wear will not look good in such cases. However, there are a few fabrics that everyone can easily wear, like chiffon is one of them. Seek advice about the cuts, fabrics and styles that you should follow.

  • Pay attention to your posture and body language

This is the most vital element in how to dress sophisticatedly. Pay attention to your postures. Do not stand with your shoulders down. Try to keep your tummy tucked in while standing and walking. Likewise, keep your posture straight when you are sitting. Your posture makes a lot of difference when it comes to dressing sophisticatedly.

Your body language is another important aspect that plays a vital role. Try improving the way you talk, walk, your gestures and the way you address. These things might seem to be petty but they surely make huge differences in how to dress sophisticatedly.

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