VICHY Bi-White Completes its Range With Bi-White MED Eyes

VICHY Bi-White Completes its Range With Bi-White MED Eyes

Vichy, one of the leading French dermo-cosmetic brands and pioneers in the field of skin care believes that skin health is the safest, most effective and most advanced path to achieving your ideal skin. Bi-White range by Vichy is an exclusive range, drawn from extensive research and clinical tests and is a one-stop solution for healthy, ideal skin.

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The latest addition to the range is the new Bi-White MED Eyes. Research indicates that Lack of sleep, stress, pollution and UV rays affect the eye area. Bi WHITE MED Eyes is the first illuminating concentrate for an instant and lasting eye look transformation. The deep action of a whitening essence for the 1st time associated with the immediate enlightening power provided by illuminating nacres, to correct in one gesture every eye contour complexion flaws.


BI- WHITE MED Eyes is as deep as an essence that comes with the most powerful whitening ingredients (Vitamine CG, B3, Caffine) and liquid light technology blended in the formula. The texture is light, refreshing fluid and is suitable for all skin types; it works around eye area and treats dark spots, dark circles, shadows and puffiness. The range is the perfect skincare range that will help get rid of the unwanted pigmentation and dullness; other products from the range includes

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  • Bi-WHITE MED Day Cream
  • Bi-WHITE MED Night Cream
  • Bi-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Essence


Bi-WHITE MED Day Cream induced with a new formula highly concentrated in active ingredients penetrating deep in the skin, reaching the fibroblast down in the dermis, to correct complexion flaws thus bringing the broadest results. With breakthrough global whitening technology and the whitening power of traditional Peony with the protective strength of natural oils, it provides extended protection against pollution and stress and as well as quicker results on the quest for ideal skin.  Bi-WHITE MED Night Cream with a unique a combination of 5 natural oils jojoba, macadamia, passion flower, apricot kernel, coriander enhance natural skin mechanisms to significantly increase the healthy fresh radiance of skin tone.

White Med Eyes

Keratolytic action evacuates excess melanin accumulated on the surface resulting in an even fairer skin in the morning. Bi-WHITE Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence is a skin lightening breakthrough with its CERAMIDE WHITE™ + LHA to act in every single layer of the epidermis and DRM-WHITETM Technology to target the dermis. Optimally concentrated Ceramide White™ de-pigment cells in every single layer of the epidermis by acting at the root of melanin production.

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Vichy Bi-WHITE Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence has proven guaranteed efficacy on dark spots, dullness, yellowish skin tone, red patches, dryness patches and irregular skin texture. No one goes deeper than Vichy’s Bi-WHITE MED range to unveil flawless luminosity of the skin from within!

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