5 Best Makeup Companies in 2014

5 Best Makeup Companies in 2014

Makeup is something indispensible for those women who are conscious about their beauty. Today, various cosmetic brands are available in the market to for you to choose from. But choosing the right brand among them is a daunting task.

Especially for the face make up as you need to choose the one without any side effect. Some of the trusted brands in India are Lakme, L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline and Mac. But many companies come up with fake imitation of these brands to attract the customers by launching their unqualified products with a lesser price tag. Therefore, be extra careful while buying such cosmetics.

Below is the list of the top 5 cosmetic brand for women in India. Have a look for best cosmetic brand in India !

  • Lakme
  • Revlon
  • Mac
  • Maybelline
  • Clinique


lakme products in india

Lakme is the first name that comes to the mind when talked about cosmetic brands and it is welcomed by all. This cosmetic brand from India is owned by Unilever and run by CEO Anil Chopra. The products suit everyone and is especially made keeping in mind the skin demands of Indian women. The cosmetic ranges from daily makeup to bridal makeovers. Lakme is famous among the celebs too. Lakme cosmetics and personal care products has also been accepted by women worldwide.

Range of products from Lakme

  • Lakme moisturizing creams/lotions
  • Skin lightening/ Lakme perfect radiant products
  • Sun protection/ Lakme sun expert products
  • Face: Foundation, compact, make up remover
  • Eyes: eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara
  • Lips: lip liner, lip gloss, lip color
  • Nails: nail color and nail tint


Revlon cosmetic

Revlon is qualified as a world class cosmetic brand which is based in New York. Their core products are make up, hair and skin care. The products are both affordable and excellent in quality. They are one of the leading sponsors of most great fashion shows and other programs conducted round the world. They also have an interactive site for providing beauty tips to the ladies.

Products from Revlon

  • All lip, eye and face make up products
  • Hair colors: permanent and temporary
  • Fragrance: Charlie, ciara, jean nate
  • Manicure and pedicure sets
  • Mirrors, brushes, eye tools


MAC cosmetic

Mac is another leading cosmetic brand founded by Frank Toskan of Canada in1984. It is a famous as a cosmetic company because of its publicity and need among makeup artists for backstage and studio use. Mac has also been offering a wide range of cosmetic products in the Indian market including every day mascaras, eye liners, lipsticks, face creams etc.

Main products from Mac

  • All make up products for eyes skin and lip
  • Brushes for various use
  • Skin care items including cleansers, make up removers
  • Prep + prime products for worn over make up or under makeup


Maybelline Cosmetic Products

Maybelline comes with a range of sensational colors and variety of products. This American make up brand is owned by French cosmetic giant L’Oreal. They have been providing everyday wearable make up products free of side effects. Maybelline’s Lipstick and eye wear are the most seller products in the Indian market. The brand could make a history with its mascara. The company has also been offering scientifically approved formulas for skin care so that you remain fresh from morning till evening.

Range of products from Maybelline

  • All Face, eye, and lip make up products
  • Nail polish and nail colors
  • Ancillaries like make up remover


Clinique Cosmetic Products

Clinique is another cosmetic brand that is targeted towards sensitive skin. The products do not create any side effects on the skin. The skin care products include make up products for face, eyes and lips and fragnances. The products are dermatologically tested too.

Range of products from Clinique

  • Moisturizers, de aging and anti blemish products
  • Products for un even skin tones
  • All face, eye and lip products
  • Fragrances

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