Indian Beauty Tips For Summer

Indian Beauty Tips For Summer

Beauty Tips For SummerSummer is a time of year which could pose real threat to our skin and hair.Many people are very conscious about their outlook and they have to be extra vigilant during summer. There are numerous Indian beauty tips which are very effective and easy to carry out.

Scorching heat, profound sweating and insanely humid days can take their toll if you are not conscious about yourself during summer in India. In such an extreme weather one needs to pay little extra attention, especially to skin. There are hundreds of Indian beauty tips which could prove very beneficent for your regimen.

1) Love your hair:

Indian society gives great importance to hear and that is the reason for having so many Indian beauty tips regarding health of hair. Indian women are very conscious about their hair. Here is one of Indian beauty tips which will help you maintain the shine of your hair even in unforgiving summer of India. Use of lemon on your hair do wonders to their shine even you have to spend a good few hours out in the sun. Lemon juice on your hair not only protects them but also give a subtle sun-streaked look without visiting the salon.

2) Time to strengthen friendship with Sunscreens:

Almost all Indian beauty tips give utmost importance to skin care during summer. MostIndian beauty tipsrecommends to expose your skin to sun as less as possible. In case, you have to stay out in sun then use of quality sunscreen is highly recommended. This is very easy and important Indian beauty tip which protects your skin from negative effect of sun rays.

3) Drink Water:

Water is always good for your skin regardless of weather, but it becomes ever so important to drink as much water as possible during summer. Water keeps your skin fresh and healthier. One of Indian beauty tips suggest to drink a glass of water after every 30 minutes and if that’s not possible then at least 8 glasses of water every day is very important. Water protects you from dehydration and wash out toxins. This is easiest of Indian beauty tips to adopt. So, buy yourself a nice bottle of water and keep it with yourself wherever you go. Remember, more water you drink, better your health and skin gets.

4) Indian beauty tips for sun burn:

During summer one could get sun burn very easily but fortunately there are few Indian beauty tips which have remedy for your sun burned skin. Apply aloe Vera extracts or commercially available lotions which contain aloe Vera. It is considered an excellent remedy for sun burns. Aloe Vera hasability to fasten up your healing process from sun burn and soothe your skin. In case you have further plans to spend more time out in sun and want your sun burn to be healed overnight then use of a creams which contains zinc can be very helpful. These Indian beauty tips will ensure you a sun burn free summer.

5) Be wise while deciding make-up:

Summers at some places can be extreme and we all know that heat can wash your make up so, if you find yourself at a place where summer is extreme then apply as less make up as possible and this is what Indian beauty tips suggest. It won’t be a bad idea to go for a matte powder and foundation with SPF than heavy foundation lotions and creams that will look awful once you sweat. Many Indian beauty tips recommends lip gloss during summer as it looks good on your lips and also protect lips for heat. In case if its demand of situation to wear lipstick then using shade of pink would be wise choice during summer. Indian beauty tips strongly discourage use of eye-makeup during summer.

Despite unforgiving heat and extreme conditions, summer can be great time for your skin if you follow few good Indian beauty tips to take care of those parts of your body that are likely to get damage from sun.Plenty of water and extracts of citrus fruits which contain Vitamin A and C would do wonders to your skin in summer. Follow the mentioned Indian beauty tips and keep on impressing other even in red hot summer.

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